Friday, May 05, 2006

Pan Handlers

Something has touched me off today. Often we have people near walmart with signs asking for our "extra" change or whatever because they are hungry. I see a common thing among these people who are "hungry", they smoke or they have dogs, or they smoke and have dogs, or they have dogs and don't smoke. Either way, they have a dog, smoke or both. It seems to me that if these people were that hungry that they have to hold a sign asking for help, they would get rid of the dog. If they do not have enough food for themself, then how and the hell are they going to feed a dog? Another thing, Have you seen the price of cigarettes? $5 a pack!! That is a lot of balooney and bread. Where do the get the money for the smokes? Why not use the money on food?

Maybe there is a progression. First you beg for money for food and smokes? Then you figure out that if you quit smoking, you could have a dog. As for the smokers and the dog owners... I dont have that figured out yet.

I went past walmart again today. The same guys were out there that I saw on Friday. I got to see their sign up close. It said:

Our Spacehip has crashed.
Need $$$ for refer and Beer.

I may have to go out there and buy them a beer. They made me laugh.