Monday, May 01, 2006

I am sponsoring an Illegal today.

In my effort to sponsor an illegal today, I will be working overtime. I went to lunch today mainly to see if any businesses in town were closed when they would normally be open. I now know of two places in Sierra Vista that I will never go to again. They are Mexico Lindo and Filibertos. They were both closed. Mexico Lindo is a new place and cannot afford to turn customers away. The food is not that good there anyway. Radolfo's is an exact copy of another restaurant, Filiberto's. Radolfo's was open today, so they will get my business in the future.

What are mexicans hoping to accomplish with this boycott? They are illegally working and illegally attending our schools. So they are going to hurt us by NOT working illegally or by NOT illegally attending school. Isn't this how it is supposed to be anyway? Businesses that employ illegals are closed today. They should stay that way. If they break the law and employ illegal workers, they should be closed permanently.