Saturday, May 27, 2006

montezuma's castle

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kentucky Derby winner set to stud.

OK, Why am I ranting about horses?

In 1998 I broke my right foot badly. I cannot perform on the same level as I did before the injury. So, why wasn't I put out to stud. This is just not fair. Granted, I didn't win a major event. I did win some minor events in my life. Because of this, I would just have a smaller stud fee. I don't think Barbaro will care who he is studded with.

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was "bright and appropriately frisky" Monday after surgery from his broken hind leg, even showing an interest in mares, but the colt still faces a long and perilous road to recovery.

Dr. Dean Richardson, who performed the intricate five-hour operation, was satisfied with the result, but was blunt about the future for a horse who put together an unbeaten record until he broke down in the Preakness Stakes.

Richardson, who operated on Barbaro at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center for Large Animals on Sunday, said the horse's chances for survival were still 50-50. Barbaro was standing in his stall at the center's intensive care unit and showed interest in several mares in the vicinity.

"He got through the night very well, day one and into day two is going as well as expected," Corinne Sweeney, a veterinarian and the hospital's executive director, said Monday. "He is standing on the leg, and with the appropriate amount of weight on it.

"He also showed appropriate interest in the mares, which means he's acting like a young colt should."

Sweeney said there are two major concerns in the first days of recovery, the possibility of infection from the surgery and laminitis, a potentially fatal disease sometimes brought on by uneven weight balance.

"He's doing exactly what the doctor wants, but he's got a long road ahead," Sweeney added. "A lot of possible problems that could occur have not.

Earlier Monday, Richardson emphasized that the horse had a long road ahead, and would never race again.

"Realistically, it's going to be months before we know if he's going to make it," Richardson told CBS' "The Early Show." "We're salvaging him as a breeding animal."

Friday, May 05, 2006

Pan Handlers

Something has touched me off today. Often we have people near walmart with signs asking for our "extra" change or whatever because they are hungry. I see a common thing among these people who are "hungry", they smoke or they have dogs, or they smoke and have dogs, or they have dogs and don't smoke. Either way, they have a dog, smoke or both. It seems to me that if these people were that hungry that they have to hold a sign asking for help, they would get rid of the dog. If they do not have enough food for themself, then how and the hell are they going to feed a dog? Another thing, Have you seen the price of cigarettes? $5 a pack!! That is a lot of balooney and bread. Where do the get the money for the smokes? Why not use the money on food?

Maybe there is a progression. First you beg for money for food and smokes? Then you figure out that if you quit smoking, you could have a dog. As for the smokers and the dog owners... I dont have that figured out yet.

I went past walmart again today. The same guys were out there that I saw on Friday. I got to see their sign up close. It said:

Our Spacehip has crashed.
Need $$$ for refer and Beer.

I may have to go out there and buy them a beer. They made me laugh.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I am sponsoring an Illegal today.

In my effort to sponsor an illegal today, I will be working overtime. I went to lunch today mainly to see if any businesses in town were closed when they would normally be open. I now know of two places in Sierra Vista that I will never go to again. They are Mexico Lindo and Filibertos. They were both closed. Mexico Lindo is a new place and cannot afford to turn customers away. The food is not that good there anyway. Radolfo's is an exact copy of another restaurant, Filiberto's. Radolfo's was open today, so they will get my business in the future.

What are mexicans hoping to accomplish with this boycott? They are illegally working and illegally attending our schools. So they are going to hurt us by NOT working illegally or by NOT illegally attending school. Isn't this how it is supposed to be anyway? Businesses that employ illegals are closed today. They should stay that way. If they break the law and employ illegal workers, they should be closed permanently.