Sunday, March 19, 2006


Update: I posted this earlier without any comments. What you are really supposed to be looking at is the snow in the background. It is a little hard to see. Only in AZ will kids get their picture taken with snow falling when they are in bare feet. Most of it melted quickly. Sargent was barking at the snow.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Time for a Geek post

People who know me, know that I test e-mail software for a living. I am going to write a review about a product I downloaded today. It is called EZdetach. What this product does is automate the process of downloading e-mail attachments. I have been planning on building a webiste of funny videos and pictures. I have tons of them in my e-mail. So much, my .pst (e-mail folders) have grown to huge sizes. I haven't done any work on the new site because I did not want to download the every file one by one. This product downloaded 50 attatchments in under 1 min. I got to choose the folder to put them in. The installation was easy. The procedures for using the product was very easy. Everything worked as it was supposed to. There are a few things that I would have liked to see in this product:

I would like to see them enable the product with a right click. I would also like to know what files I have downloaded already, so that I do not do them again.

I try software pretty often. Especially products that are freeware/shareware or have evaluation versions. Most of the time I end up uninstalling them. I will not be uninstalling EZdetach. This product was very helpful. I plan on using their other product: Message Save

Check out the company's website

UPDATE: The company came here:

Hi Marc,

Thank you very much for the review. A license key has been emailed to you in
a separate message.

To answer your comments...
1. We are planning on investigating adding a right-click option to invoke
EZDetach in a future version.
2. If you use the "Remove attachments..." and "Leave a link..." options,
EZDetach will only detach attachments once, even if you run it multiple
times on the same message. You will also reduce your PST size that way. Do
not forget to compact your PST files after detaching attachments -;en-us;196990

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any feedback,
comments or questions about the product in the future.

Thanks again.
TechHit LLC
415.354.9711 - Outlook utilities that save you time.

Friday, March 03, 2006

A turn around

Michael/Shane has had a turn around in his wrestling. To start the year he looked as if he had never wrestled before. Lately, he has found himself and is wrestling very smart. He has also won a few matches along the way. He placed 2nd at the Sahuarita duals. Yesterday he lost 9-0 but that kid had beaten him 2x before with 1st peroid pins. He is picking a great time to peak.