Monday, October 31, 2005

Here is Anthony as Elvis. He was a real hit. My mom made the costume. Everyone loved it. When Anthony got a peice of candy he would say, "Thank you, thank you very much". As he turned to leave a house he would say "Elvis has left the building". People gave him extra candy.  Posted by Picasa

He didn't win, but he won. On Sunday we went to Tucson for the Sectional for the ELK's soccer shootout. Michael (Shane) had won the Regional in Sierra Vista. After the awards ceremony they gave out awards for the place winners. We thought Michael had done well, but he did not place. Or did he? Today we got a call from the Elks stating that they had a scoring error and Michael had won. He will compete in the state shootout in Tempe in two weeks.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 24, 2005

I thought that they were gone

I have never seen Hummers here after September. I always took my feeders down after labor day. There are 2 hummers that are hanging out near my house. I have 4 feeders out and they still fight over them. I wonder if they will stay all year. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Mountaineers dominated again. I lost track of the score. It was like 13-2 or something. Anthony is number 8 in this picture. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

To Anthony our 1990 Volvo Stationwagon is the coolest car in the world. He made me take this picture of him. He is wearing his soccer uniform. The volvo sat in our driveway for about 2 weeks. On Saturday I found the patience to complete the replacement of the starter. What a PIA.  Posted by Picasa

No this is not a wild fire. This is just another spectactular Arizona sunset. Normally we only get these durning the monsoon season due to the clouds.  Posted by Picasa

This is pretty yucky. Anthony went out with Doug, Michael (Shane) and Allison. They were flying Doug's RC airplane. Anthony misunderstood Doug and grabbed for the plane when Doug looked away. Anthony's finger hit the propeller. This is a very deep cut. They could not stitch it since the skin was so lacerated. They used glue. As a result of the accident, I have instructed Anthony about the use of that finger. He now knows not to show anyone just that finger. Posted by Picasa

My deployment to Boda Norway in 1996

This is a picture of me near a Fjord. I was told that I did not want to go fishing there. We tried to rent fishing poles. The guy told us that we would not like fishing here. It is too much work. Basically, Americans fish socially. Here at the fjord there are so many fish that as soon as the bait hits the water you have a fish. There is no skill involved.

Boda is above the Arctic Circle. When we left Chicago it was 6 degrees out. We arrived in the Arctic Circle and it was 22 degrees warmer. Closer to the water the snow had melted. Elsewhere, there were flags to mark where the roads would be. All you did was drive between the flags.
Here is a picture of me at our mock club. A beer in town cost about $7 due to taxes. We were staying tax free as guests of the Norwegian Crown. We did not pay taxes. We bought the local beer from a brewery for about $.96 a bottle. We bought so much beer that after 10 days the brewery ran out of beer.

The two guys that I am with were in the Norwegian Army. The guy on the left is Daniel. He was so funny. That is why I remember his name. When we got to Norway, we bribed his LT. with a bottle of booze so that we could do our maintenance inside. We had a gunny who saw anyone who was not American as a primate. Well, there was a car accident where one of the local crashed into one of the vehicles being driven by a Marine. The Gunny told Daniel that the Norwegian government will not like hearing that a Marine got hurt, and that there would be consequences. The Gunny was kidding. However, Daniel quickly chimed in that the Gunny was right. He said that the local man would be shot for what he did. But they would only shoot him in the knees. Daniel explained that Norway was looking for greater participation in the handicapped Olympics and that this was their solution.